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Quaker Combination Coop 6’x10′

Quaker Combination Coop 6’x10′

  • Brand: The Hen House Collection

The Combination Coop is our best-selling chicken coop and runs for good reasons. It features a chicken house with an attached run area to give the chickens a safe place to scratch. Inside this wooden chicken coop, you’ll find nesting boxes and a roosting area to provide a safe place for your chickens to lay eggs and get out of the weather.

The most unique feature of the combination coop is the attached run. This gives your chickens room to run around to look for bugs in a protected space. Combination coops can be outfitted with wheels, which allow you to move the coop to new scratching areas every day. Smaller coops can be moved with the use of skids and an attached chain. A combination coop is a chicken-protecting, bug-attacking, and egg-producing machine all in one!


  • Nesting boxes
  • Roost
  • 5/8” LP Flooring with 10yr warranty
  • TechShield Roofing Sheathing (keeps your coop cooler in warm weather)
  • Two 18″x23″ Windows
  • 10-12 chickens

Made in USA

6′ x 6′ run area

4′ x 6′ chicken coop area


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