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Quaker Coop 5’x6′

Quaker Coop 5’x6′

  • Brand: The Hen House Collection

The Quaker features an attractive roof style which also maximizes headroom inside this prefab wooden chicken coop. Add one or more of our many options to customize the Quaker to meet your needs. Options include an attached run and removable litter trays to make cleaning easier and many more.

One feature that is standard in the Quaker and all of our prefab coops is Tech Shield Roof Sheathing. The main benefit of this sheathing is that it helps to keep your Quaker Amish-built chicken coop cooler in warm weather. This sheathing features a reflective layer that is built into each piece and serves to reflect much of the heat energy that is sent out by the sun. Tech Shield Sheathing can reduce the temperature in a coop by as much as 30 degrees on a warm sunny day.


  • Nesting boxes
  • Roost
  • 5/8” LP Flooring with 10yr warranty
  • TechShield Roofing Sheathing (keeps your coop cooler in warm weather)
  • Two 18″x23″ Windows
  • 10-12 Chickens

Made in USA

6’W x 5’D x 81″H

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